2020 Virtual Alumni game / zoom call

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.’ Think about that for a while.” – Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh, “Bull Durham”

We had planned to roll out FPUF 2020 – a computer simulation of ultimate, available on all known platforms. While ‘free’, paid users would receive an attractive virtual box, lots of product placement, enrollment in monthly subscriptions for ‘upgrades’ for ‘content’, a chance to purchase in-game currency with real-world money, ‘upgrades’ to allow players to perform feats they were incapable of in real life, “skins” to enhance players appearance, ‘loot boxes’ with shirts, cleats, discs, and um, loot – and many other money-making features targeting today’s apparently dimwitted yet wealthy youth.

Unfortunately, the FPUF 2020 feature allowing simulation of an actual game wasn’t ready in time, so the Alumni v 2020 Undergrad game was simulated on Princeton’s third-finest computer, The Great Hyperlobic Omnicognate Neutron Wrangler which was found abandoned in a corridor on the fourth floor the E-quad when a newer model with a chrome name badge was purchased by the Advanced Hydrology Group.

After averaging several (quintillion) possible outcomes, the simulated game result was:

10:00 am: Gametime. 37 alumni are present, 4 undergrads, no water or food.

10:15 am: 9 Captains lay out a field – a rough quadrilateral – and test the wind.

10:30 am. 48 Alumni sing ‘When the Sons of Princeton”. Dogs howl. Hungover undergrads wish they would stop, for many good reasons.

10:36 am. The oldest 7 alumni amble onto the line. There is a delay while a suitable disk is procured and the many, many types of historical zone defenses are recalled and their virtues debated.

10:40 am Campus Security arrives and berates everybody for trying to play ultimate during a pandemic. Not wanting a Black Mark on Their Records, all disperse rapidly.

PUF Reunions 2020 – by Zoom Call!

Princeton Reunion events for 2020 are virtual, so we are doing our part and maintaining our traditions with the first-ever REMOTE PUF ALUMNI GAME, via Zoom. Not only will there be a computer-simulated victory by the Alumni over the Undergrads to savor, but the Friends of Princeton Ultimate will present an entertaining survey of PUF History, discuss the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the first college ultimate game between Princeton and Rutgers, and update our ultimate community with plans for the web site archives, player memorials, and the site.

This all happens Saturday morning of Reunions, 10 am – 11 am on May30. Make a note to click on the Zoom link ….here….

Zoom Dialing information for those who prefer old time-audio:
Dial by your location
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 354 259 4787
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kcI3VoxQL


50 Years On: The Archives of Princeton Ultimate

Princeton Ultimate

“Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus

– Umberto Eco, “The Name of the Rose”

Archives and libraries are essential components of the University’s research mission. If we are to stand on the shoulders of giants, we first need to know that there *were* giants, and to have an accurate history of them from which to build from.

Princeton Ultimate is the youngest team sport at the University even as it nears 50 years of continuous competition. That history – experience which frequently transcend sports – is still present in the memories of those who played, but it is high time that it was recorded.

When I started practice on Poe Field as a remarkably innocent freshman, essentially everyone who had ever played ultimate….was still playing ultimate. Today, almost everyone who has ever played ultimate is still alive; the exceptions lost from accident or illness are few enough that their teammates grieve for them as individuals. One important purpose of this archive is to have a place to remember